Maandelijkse archieven: september 2014

Turn an interesting but useless vanilla location to something interesting and now useful! A home/base of operationsBlackthorn buildable town and house. Create your town with mines, stores USB charging backpack, farms USB charging backpack, etc.I can believe we talked about every feature step by step and thought this much about […]

But if you want to quit now over that, thats ...

Broad’s innings of nought not out from three deliveries, in which he failed to make contact with the ball, was by far his best performance with the bat in the tournament so far. He has been a spectacular, match winning, series shaping cricketer. Does that player still exist? Can […]

You can count on him to lend his level to ...

Vikas along with other participants is in Argentina where the shoot is currently on for the reality show. However, the latest buzz right now is that he has been asked to leave the show because of his health issues. DNA quotes an inside as revealing that despite Vikas being the […]

Is this what winning looks like?